Linktipps der KW 32/14


antonio+basoli+6Juxtapoz Magazine: 18th Century Alphabet Engraving Series

Creative Bloq: 7 celebrities you never knew were graphic designers

The Verge: This is the world of ‚Game of Thrones‘ as a subway map

PAGE Online: Fette Cola-Flasche als Cover-Illustration

Design You Trust: 512. What are the possibilities to draw a 2 dimensional cube using each of it’s edges?


4chanNeatorama: Printed Screenshot of Famous 4Chan Post Sold on eBay for $90,900

Rhizome: The Dark Optimism of Otto Piene and Zero

Art Fucks Me: Peter Crawley

Trendland: A Mirror Cube Installation

Dezeen: Tchoban Foundation exhibits fantastical drawings by Lebbeus Woods


standley-1Colossal: New Stained Glass Windows Made from Stacked Laser-Cut Paper by Eric Standley

Designers Daily: Spectacular steampunk coffee machine





Lego-Architecture-studioDezeen: Lego targets architects with monochrome building set

Archinect: 20th Century architecture: Is it the end of our ‚concrete jungles‘?

futurezone: Hypo-Pleite: Studierende bauen „Milliardenstadt“

Laughing Squid: Zootopia, A Planned Zoo Where Animals Will Roam Free and Humans Will Be Confined


ibm-synapseWired: IBM Unveils a ‘Brain-Like’ Chip With 4,000 Processor Cores

Extreme Tech: MIT can now eavesdrop through soundproof glass by watching the vibrations of a bag of chips

Science Daily: Robot folds itself up and walks away: Demonstrates potential for sophisticated machines that build themselves

Netzpiloten: 30 Jahre Email in Deutschland – und immer noch nichts gelernt



Laughing Squid: ‘Moonbeam City’, A Stylish Animated Television Show That Parodies 1980s Shows Like ‘Miami Vice’

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