In Better News – 08.03.18

Neue gute Nachrichten der Woche. Diesmal u.a. mit den Vorzügen genmanipulierten Getreides, Verkaufsautomaten für Obdachlose, schwimmenden Windradparks und künstlicher Intelligenz als Anwaltsersatz.

Does GMO corn increase crop yields? 21 years of data confirm it does—and provides substantial health benefits

The analysis of over 6,000 peer-reviewed studies covering 21 years of data found that GMO corn increased yields up to 25 percent and dramatically decreased dangerous food contaminants.

Tomatoes of the same quality as normal, but using only half the water

 […] the product not only maintains its quality, both commercially and nutritionally, but it also even increases the level of carotenoids, compounds of great interest in the food-processing industry.