Hamster im Hamsterrad malt Hamster im Hamsterrad

Ich finde, das bildet die Tragik der menschlichen Existenz ganz gut ab. Auch wenn es ein Hamster ist.

The hamster drawing is encoded in two large wooden cams. The cams were generated by creating a simulation of the drawing machine using openFrameworks and Box2D. They were then exported as vectors and CNC milled from plywood. To be able to have the drawing encoded on the inside, rather than the outside, edge of the cams, it was necessary for them not to have a central axis. This was achieved by milling two aluminium circles with a groove in each of them for a roller chain to sit in. The sandwiched chain then sits on three sprockets around the edges of the back part machine. The drawing arms were also milled from aluminium with pockets for laser cut acrylic inserts

Hamster Powered Hamster Drawing Machine from Neil Mendoza on Vimeo.

Angriff des Monster-Hamsters

Vor kurzem hatte ich bereits die Hamster Tiki Party von HelloDenizen gesehen, welche schon ganz putzig ist, aber dieses Video mit einem Giganto-Hamster, der eine Stadt unsicher macht ist nochmal viel witziger. Erinnert mich an meine ersten Videoversuche, nur dass ich nicht so einen netten Hauptdarsteller zur Verfügung hatte.

(via Tastefully Offensive)