Linktipps der KW 29/14


raumstationGizmodo: 9 Forgotten NASA Concepts For Space Stations That Never Flew

io9: New Time-Lapse Video Of Earth From Space Is Your Monday Moment Of Zen




EcoLogicStudio-cyber-garden-2popupcity: How To Create Your Own Cyber Garden

futurezone: Neues, tiefschwarzes Material kann Konturen verhüllen

inhabitat: A 15-Year-Old is Developing a 3D Printer That’s 10 Times Faster Than Anything on the Market!



Casa-Futebolinhabitat: Casa Futebol: Architects Want to Turn Brazil’s Stadiums into Affordable Housing

The Urbanophile: […] this documentary called “Bye, Bye, Barcelona” that describes that city’s increasingly love-hate relationship with tourists as it starts to choke on the sheer volume of visitors […]



rockytuanDesign News: 3D Printing Method Used to Create Human Cartilage

innovations report: Seife aus Sand: Wissenschaftler der Uni Kassel entwickeln neuartiges umweltfreundliches Tensid

FAZ:  Der Powerpoint-Irrsinn

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