Linktipps der KW 27/14

Hier noch einige Artikel für das Wochenende, die ich nicht einzeln verbloggen wollte:


project-ara-backside-googleExtremeTech: Google turns on the world’s first modular smartphone, reveals more juicy details about Project Ara

Dazed: Finally, we can vape weed… sort of
The world’s first e-spliff is going to be available for purchase in the Netherlands – who’s going to be buying it?

Gizmodo: This New Nanomaterial Can Withstand Forces 160,000 Times Its Weight

Best Practice Business: QR Cobbles sollen Pflastersteine “intelligent” machen


mushroomtowerarchdaily: Hy-Fi, The Organic Mushroom-Brick Tower Opens At MoMA’s PS1 Courtyard

Urbanophil: urbanoFILMS#28: Eine andere Welt ist pflanzbar! – Nordamerika

The Urbanophile: The Changing Face Of Chicago (1963)

Mashable: 6 Architecture Projects That Revolutionize City Life


Ultralinx: 11 Steps to Create a Perfect Logo

Design Tagebuch: Studienergebnis: Wie Designer arbeiten

Gizmodo: This Is Still the Most Beautiful Way to Learn How to Code

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