In Better News – 27.04.17

Mal wieder Nachrichten aus dem positiven Spektrum.Unter anderem mit weniger Kohleenergie, mehr Nachhaltigkeit bei Apples Rohstoffen, Elektroflugzeuge und Plastik fressende Raupen.

America sets new record:
Electricity’s carbon footprint shrinks, renewable energy use increases

For two years in a row, carbon emissions from electric power plants in the United States fell by about 5 percent each year — the first time in more than 40 years of record-keeping that emissions have fallen so dramatically over two consecutive years, according to U.S. Department of Energy data.

Britain goes a day without coal-fired power for first time since the 1880s

iPhone und Co.: Apple will nur noch recycelte Rohstoffe verwenden

Zu den Rohstoffen, die Apple nur noch in wiederverwendeter Form nutzen will, gehören Aluminium, Kupfer, Zinn und Wolfram. Aber auch andere potenziell problematische Rohstoffe wie Kobalt dürften wohl abgedeckt werden – hier versucht der Konzern seit längerem, den Kauf sogenannter Konfliktrohstoffe zu umgehen.

Senkrechtstarter im Video: Deutsches E-Flugzeug hebt ab

Das Flugzeug kann eine Geschwindigkeit von bis zu 300 Kilometer pro Stunde erreichen und hat eine Maximalreichweite von 300 Kilometer.



This new bacterial filtration system could provide the world with access to clean water

This new water filtration method is as effective as the complex techniques with their chemicals and mechanical systems, removing “99.99 per cent of contaminants” from the water.

Air-purifying pavilion uses plants to absorb harmful toxins in Hanoi

(…), Hung Nguyen Architects created a pavilion covered with a wide variety of plants, including the peace lily and snake plant, selected for their air-purifying and decorative qualities.

These biodegradable shoe prototypes can be custom ordered and 3D printed

Modern shoes are made up of foam and other synthetic materials. These 3D-printed shoes are biodegradable to cut down on waste.

This plastic-eating caterpillar can help us get rid of our trash

An amateur beekeeper, Bertocchini found a wax worm infestation in some of her beehives. “In cleaning the beehives, I put the worms in a plastic bag,” she explained. “After a short while, they had escaped, and the plastic bag was full of holes.”

Canada to give 4,000 low-income citizens free money until 2020

As part of the trial, Ontario Basic Income Pilot, 4,000 people will receive additional income based on their salaries. The money can be used to cover basic living expenses including transportation and clothing.

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