Build the Cities – Karma Fields by Raven Kwok

Nach fast einer Woche Blogabstinenz aus diversen Gründen (Geburtstag, Urlaub, keine Lust) bin ich zurück. Und daher erst Mal Musik. Der Song ist okayish, aber die codebasierte generative Machart des Videos ist doch ganz raffiniert.

For generating the animated singing figure (Kerli), the pattern is computed based on depth sequence of the original footage. Speaking of the footage, a Kinect, a camera, plus Depthkit ( were used to shoot both the RGB and depth footage simultaneously. Since I was not using Depthkit’s built-in visualizer, an additional program was later developed to post-sync the two footage based on the milliseconds tags of the depth sequence.

Build the Cities from Raven Kwok on Vimeo.

(via prosthetic knowledge)

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