Animator vs. Animation IV von Alan Becker

Sehr unterhaltsamer Kurzfilm über ein koboldartiges Strichmännchen, welches dem Grafiker das Leben zur Hölle macht; zumindest anfänglich. Dieser Kurzfilm ist bereits die vierte Umsetzung aus Alan Beckers Serie ‚Animator vs. Animation‘ und die wohl auch bisher aufwändigste.

In this episode, I did a few things differently. First, I included live action shots to show the reaction of the animator at his computer desk. I also included a scene where I fight with the stick figure on my iPhone. This required animating the iPhone’s screen and playing it as a video on the phone itself while reacting to it, with a piece of plastic stuck to my finger so as not to actually activate the touchscreen. I also recorded my own sound effects.

(via prosthetic knowledge)

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